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HP PageWide XL 5100 Printer

Instant monochrome and color printing—with up to 30% saving in total production costs.
Boost production with instant printing, process efficiencies, and a new technical document standard Increase your advantage with this powerful, efficient printer or multifunction device. Speed up production—print up to 20 D/A1 pages/min with accuracy, durability, and vibrant colors. And help keep costs low with efficient and secure workflows. Dynamic security: Cartridges with non-HP chips might not work today or in the future.

  • Up to 20 D/A1 pages/minute print speed, quick 28-second first page out Print unattended—production preflight/ finishing solutions, up to 4 rolls, dual 400-ml inks with auto-switch.
  • HP PageWide XL pigment inks - ISO certified for long-term storage, light/water resistance.
  • Deliver mixed monochrome and color sets in 50% of the time with a consolidated workflow.
  • Help generate new business—reveal the value of color; print GIS maps, point-of sale posters, and more.